Text Book of Entomology

Alpheus S. Packard

Pennine Books

This book is published by Forgotten Books - a publisher specialising in re-publishing rare and classic books. This text is of historical interest and includes excerpts from Text Book of Entomology: Including the Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology and Metamorphoses of Insects. It is intended as an educational text.

Portions of this are not for the hobbiest, and are more suited to the student, historian or professional. The sections on embryology are particularly challenging for the casual reader.

A background or basic knowledge of zoology of invertebrates, the relationship of insects to different Arthropoda, and in particular the anatomical make-up of Peripatus, Myriopoda, and Scolopendrella is required.

This book covers Campodea, Machilis, and Lepisma, several winged insects, (starting with locusts and finishing with bees. The author stpps short of offering an outline of the embryology and of the internal changes in flies during metamorphoses.

Interesting from a historical point of view, though probably beyond the grasp of the uninitiated.

Paperback: 756 pages

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1330386299

ISBN-13: 978-1330386293