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This photo guide to Britain's moth's and butterflies features hundreds of beautiful photographs by Charles Manley.. Its covers a wide range, including over 700 micro macro moths (this encompasses butterflies), vagrants, as well as over 300 kinds of caterpillars. The informative book provides detailed information on identifying moths and butterflies, as well as sizes and larval food plants for each , with pre-text sections that include habitat, life-cycle, and trap techniques.


This is visual guide to Britain's habitats, a beautifully illustrated book that provides a complete overview of the natural history of Britain and Ireland. This is basically a field-guide - providing a comprehensive overview of the main habitat types.

This includes geographic variations, important species, cultural significance and origins.

This book helps interested visitors to identify the surrounding habitats, comprehend how they evolved and theier peculiarities, and guide your thinking as to their future prospects.

Text Book of Entomology

Alpheus S. Packard

Pennine Books

This book is published by Forgotten Books - a publisher specialising in re-publishing rare and classic books. This text is of historical interest and includes excerpts from Text Book of Entomology: Including the Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology and Metamorphoses of Insects. It is intended as an educational text.

Portions of this are not for the hobbiest, and are more suited to the student, historian or professional. The sections on embryology are particularly challenging for the casual reader.