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This is visual guide to Britain's habitats, a beautifully illustrated book that provides a complete overview of the natural history of Britain and Ireland. This is basically a field-guide - providing a comprehensive overview of the main habitat types. This includes geographic variations, important species, cultural significance and origins.

This book helps interested visitors to identify the surrounding habitats, comprehend how they evolved and theier peculiarities, and guide your thinking as to their future prospects.

Travellers in the Bristish Isles will find this book valuable and informative, and it provides excellent reading for wild life fans, biologists and those who work in such habitats. Each habitat is treated separately and it covers Britain and the Republic of Ireland thoroughly.

It also includes a fantastic range of photographs, including pictures from a variety of seasons. The book also includes in-depth knowledge of on all of the important species found within these habitats.

Also featured is current information (as well as maps) on the importance of these habitats, their extent and how they are distributed within the British Isles. This visual guide also covers conservation of these half the time, as well as high they are classified within a system.

Hard Cover: 272 pages

Publisher: Princeton University Press (30 November, 2014)

Languages: English

ISBN-10: 069115855X

ISBN-13: 978-0691158556